About us

Our Background

Tracking Integrated Services Ltd

  • Tracking Integrated Services Ltd is a company registered in Nigeria with its operating and commercial office based in Lagos.
  • Tracking Integrated Group operate also in West Africa with partner company in Ghana and joint ventures partners from Senegal to Angola.

Our Experience

  • Our Management has built expertise in Oil and gas since over the past 25 years in Nigeria & West Africa.
  • We offer to our clients highly technical and competitive Marine service solutions for SPM (Single point mooring) & offshore terminals.
  • We offer and develop Local content and train or employed highly qualified national personnel in each country we operate.
  • We offer highly skilled personnel in the various field of our expertise.
    • Engineering
    • Inspection
    • Spare part supply chain
    • Construction
    • Installation
    • Marine terminal operation
  • We provide highly skilled support to EPCI (Engineering Procurement Construction Installation) contractors.

Our Work Principles

  • We are committed to deliver to our clients cost effective solutions in our field of activity.
  • Our resources are based in countries where we operate.
  • We offer “One stop shop services” in near proximity to our clients.
  • We provide “state of the art” services base on our personnel expertise.

Our Core Values

  • HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) is our main core value.
  • Our personnel is our best asset.
  • We are committed to host communities during project execution.
  • Ethic and trust are our main drive to pursue business.
  • Environmental consideration are part of our company values.